Lead-free cable glands from JACOB.


The lead exemption will remain in the RoHS for some time to come. The Öko-Institut prepared a study to assess exception 6 (c). It is recommended to end the exception by July 21, 2026.

Since then, the previously permitted lead content of brass up to 4% will be banned in all product categories.

The European Commission will discuss this recommendation and draft a new "delegated law" (delegated guideline) in the course of 2022. A decision on whether to extend or terminate Exemption 6 (c) is expected in December 2022.

... because the subject is important to us.

We have now implemented 170 components for our JACOB cable glands and lead-free brass accessories. This is an ongoing process, so more articles will be added over time.

We recommend - especially for new applications - to specify lead-free components today or at least plan them as an alternative for the future. In this way, it is possible to perform a step-by-step transition later without stress.

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