BLS2000 - Barksdale electronic level switch

BLS2000 - a flexible solution

The electronic level switch can work with the medium with and

Measure the density> 0.6 g / cm³. The BLS2000 is equipped with a screw connection and a brass pipe, which makes it an economical solution.

The device is available with a resolution of 8 or 12 mm. Due to the available total length (L0), lengths from 250 to 3,000 mm can be ordered.

As a member of the BxS family, the BLS2000 is equipped with well-known functions such as a 320 ° bidirectional rotating display, analog outputs (switchable 4-20mA and 0-10V) and maintenance-free switching contacts of transistors.

The device can be optionally configured with an IO-Link interface.

The large 14-segment LED display is aesthetically pleasing and allows clear reading of the display from different angles. An electrical connection that can be rotated 320 ° and a display cover also make the unit very easy to install.


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