CAPTRON two-hand contactless controllers of the SC4 series


The capacitive two-hand safety controls of the SC4 series enable safe and pressureless control of heavy industrial automation machines and systems and meet the strictest safety requirements of category 4 according to PL e according to DIN EN ISO 13849-1.
CAPTRON supplies the SC4 series in the Basic, Protect and Complete series. Additional safety elements, such as a guard or control panel, also protect against external influences and meet all requirements for two-hand safety controls according to DIN EN 574.
Capacitive two-hand safety controls are specially designed for everyday, ergonomic long-term use and provide extreme durability, reliability and robustness. The contact surface has a diameter of 63 mm, which makes it very large and easy to use. The user receives optical feedback via 8 red and 8 green LEDs.

CAPTRON can provide you with individual advice that will allow you to choose the perfect product for your required specifications and applications. Contact us: CAPTRON service.

Important features

  • 100% water and oil resistant
  • Protection class IP69K, completely sealed in casting resin
  • Extremely long service life
  • More than 100 million switching cycles
  • Impact resistant - robust
  • Degree of protection IK08 cannot be destroyed by lighter flames and blows to the switch surface
  • Checking foreign objects
  • Recognizes obstacles
  • Contamination control
  • Detects contamination
  • Touch sensor
  • Maximum ease of use, effortless, effortless on the wrist
  • Safety certificate
  • According to PL e (DIN EN ISO 13849-1)

Two-hand control safecap

The CAPTRON safecap is a recently developed intelligent proximity sensor replacing the use of the mechanical sensor with two-hand control within control category 4 of safety level III-C.

  • Touch control
  • No muscle power, no pressure
  • Extensive service life
  • Highly shock-resistant, robust
  • Foreign matter control
  • Soiling control
  • 100 % water- & oil-proof
  • BG - certified
  • Kat. 4, EN 954
  • Type III-C, EN 574
  • CE
  • Captron two-hand control device

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