Tactile feedback module from elobau - with all the senses in the matter

Control mobile implements safely, intuitively and efficiently - the joystickuelobau vibrating module opens up new possibilities.

Strong engine noise, flashing warning lights, various displays and hectic and dusty working environments. Such conditions require and burden both auditory and visual sensory channels. For mobile work machine operators, it is usually part of everyday life. You are exposed to many sounds and visual impressions, all of which need to be filtered and processed. It is increasingly difficult to focus on the work itself and safe handling of the machine. With the elobau vibrating module for the RobustJoystick J4F, new paths can be discovered here. It addresses the tactile senses of machine operators and thus offers another level of perception for safer and more accurate control of mobile working machines.

New option for joystick J2 from Elobau

Stop with locking, without locking, 6 buttons or 4 buttons and wheel - Equip the multifunction handle 321G according to your requirements

- up to 3 buttons, installation from below

The compact joystick J2 is used in front loader tractors or industrial fork trucks. Buttons that can be integrated in the handle allow additional additional functions to be operated.

  • Space-saving design
  • High reliability and long service life thanks to contactless Hall-effect technology and reed technology
  • An analog output signal (current / voltage, also redundant) or a switching output is possible
  • CAN bus connection available (CANopen / SAE J1939)
  • Electronics protection class IP67, ideal for harsh environmental conditions
  • Deflection ± 20 °
  • Available with various types of controls, such as without locking / locking or center position locking

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