Aris Rotary and Part-turn Actuators "Variable System" - N series

ARIS rotary and part-turn actuators can be used to operate a variety of different valves, either over a specified nominal pivoting angle or with a complete revolution.
These compact, robust actuators are suitable for high ambient temperatures.

Series N1 to N4A, N5 to N7 and N8

  • Compact design in sturdy industrial quality
  • Robust and maintenance-free
  • Short circuit-proof synchronous motor
  • Suitable for any fitting position
  • No mechanical brake required
  • Absolute control accuracy through extremely short motor starting and stopping times
  • Constant control times, even under voltage and load fluctuations
  • 100% synchronized when two actuators operate in parallel
  • Shaft also as DIN ISO or special shapes available
  • Cost-effective
  • Many optional extras such as additional switches, potentiometers, position indicators, microprocessor controllers, Profibus DP, Ex-Zone 2 and 22, CAN-OPEN and others
  • Aris part-turn valve actuator n1 series
  • Aris series n5 electric part.turn valve actuator
  • Aris electric part-turn valve actuator series n8

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