Movomech vaccuum lifters

Easyhand - One-hand grip vacuum lifter

The vacuum tool is adapted according to your needs.

The market is continuously escalating their demand on more effective work aid to improve on the ergonomics and increase the efficiency. To match these demands we have developed and refined our vacuum lifters, and have created an entirely new concept within the segment of light lifting. Our patent pending vacuum lifter Easyhand makes light material handling a pleasure. 

  • Sliding Handle
    This is a new and unique patent pending regulation of lifting and lowering, without having to use your fingers. 
  • Two Fingers
    The possibility to manoeuvre the Easyhand with only two fingers allows manoeuvring in tight spaces and very precise movement. 
  • Dual Running
    Fully adapted for both right and left handed users. 
  • Swiveling Head
    Built-in swivel in order to rotate suction cup and goods. 
  • Tilting Head
    Tiltable suction cup for easy gripping from all angles. 
  • Quick Release
    Quick release of the goods via the pistol handle. 

Vacuhand - Ergonomic lifting up to 110 kg

Vacuhand is ergonomically designed to improve efficiency and minimise the efforts when managing the load.
The manoeuvring unit is provided with grip friendly handles for regulation of the lifting force. The handle is designed to be reached comfortably; regardless if the load is located near the floor or above the head of the operator.
Vacuhand is specifically designed for minimum leakage in aspiration to reduce the energy consumption.

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