Compact design

JDK compressors are more compact and lighter than the previous EL generation, up to 30%.

Integrated overload protection

Model JDK is supplied with thermal overload protection. Contact will be interrupted when the winding temperature reaches a dangerous value of 130 ° C. After cooling the coil below 120 ° C, the compressor will automatically restart.

Safety switch (automatic stop)

The JDK Model Series comes with a safety switch for a diaphragm failure. It contains a microswitch that shuts down the compressor. In this way, the Secoh compressor is protected against deviations from operating values. The function of this switch has been improved, the compressor now switches to a broader range of backpressures.

Fault indicator

The JDK model board is equipped with a fault indicator. These air compressors will signal all faults of the linear motor diaphragms by means of a light located on the compressor outer cover.

Long life expectancy

The Secoh engine and parts are combined into one single structure. Compact and light type of construction and simple device guarantee long-lasting and reliable operation.

High efficiency

The principle of electromagnetic oscillation, with virtually no mechanical friction, minimizes energy consumption and ensures a high degree of efficiency.

Low noise

The soundproof cover and the silencer integrated in the tank base reduce operating noise.

Low vibrations

The Secoh engine and parts are separated by antivibration rubber, therefore only low vibrations are generated.

Oil-free operation

Oil-free operation ensures dry and clean air flow.

Smooth airflow

Specially designed Secoh chamber chambers and a shock absorber integrated in the tank base ensure a flow of air that is virtually pulsating.

Resistance to weathering

The JDK series compressors are resistant to rain and weathering. However, they should not be exposed to direct sunlight, rain or snow.

Universal service kits

Service kits are available for each model line. They are vacuum-packed in aluminum foil, which ensures better and longer life and storage.

Technical parameters

• Optimum working pressure 15 ÷ 25 kPa (maximum overpressure 50 kPa)
• For some models double function (compressor + pump)
• nominal flow rate up to 500 l / min
• Power supply - 230 V / 50 Hz
• For models marked S - signaling of worn membrane


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