S400 Servo Drives

The digital multi-axis system SERVOSTAR 400 is completely software-compatible with the well-known and established S600. The internal bus connection between the modules tremendously simplifies system wiring. For a system with 8 axes, this means...

  • ONE power line connection
  • ONE enable connection
  • ONE BTB contact
  • ONE fieldbus connection (in + out)
  • ONE PC connection (RS232)


  • CE, UL, cUL
  • Operation directly from grounded 115 to 400 VAC (undergrounded operation allowed)
  • Output current 3 to 6A rms/phase, continuous
  • Power supply and regen circuit integrated in the master (first axis)
  • With integral AC line filter, all shield terminate directly to the amplifier
  • Mounting on hat rail: suitable for 300mm switchgear cabinets
  • Setup from a PC using Kollmorgen setup software
  • Interface integrated for stepper controllers, master-slave operation and electronic gearing
  • Integrated position controller with memory for 255 motion tasks. Intelligent positioning tasks include:
    • speed profile
    • register control
    • jolt limiting
    • daisy chained tasks
    • absolute and relative tasks
    • several types of reference traverses
  • Incremental or absolute encoder emulation
  • Compatible with a wide range of feedback:
    • Resolver, up to 36 poles
    • ComCoder
    • Incremental or Sine Encoder with Halls
    • Sine Encoder with EnDat/HIPERFACE/BISS
    • Sine Encoder without Data
    • Incremental Encoder A quad B
  • Kollmorgen S400 servo drive