Matrix EPR 50 - Panel mounting electronic pressure regulator

The EPR 50 is a closed loop panel mounting electronic pressure regulator able to convert a variable analogue input signal (current, voltage, RS-232) into a proportional pneumatic output and maintain with precision a required downstream pressure. Equipped with an 8 bit microcontroller, it can process signals and commands, carry out complex functions and easily interface with other control/monitor system via serial RS-232, perfectly integrating in applications which had required more elaborate and expensive systems up till now.

The compact and functional design, overall performances and reliability makes for an effortless integration in any advanced pneumatic system that requires an active component quickly adaptable to any specific requirements.

The input signal, which could be analogue (0-5 V, 0-10 V, 4-20 mA) or digital (serial RS-232), is processed by the microcontroller and converted into a proportional pressure output by using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controlled high-speed solenoid valves for supply and exhaust functions. An integrated pressure sensor continuously monitors the output pressure of the EPR 50 providing a feedback to the controller that compares this value to the desired set-point, which is set by the input signal. Thus any variation of the output pressure can be quickly and precisely compensated in order to maintain the requested downstream pressure. This closed loop system has a reaction time of less than 5 ms. In addition, the EPR 50 may supply an analogue output (0-7 V) in proportion to the downstream pressure (0-7 bar).

When combined with an external volume booster (power stage), the EPR 50 operates as a proportional pilot-valve guaranteeing extremely fast response times and high precision even at higher flow rate levels.


  • Competitive performance/price ratio
  • Compact size and lightweight, designed for panel mounting
  • Very fast response times for a precise and reliable output pressure regulation
  • Quickly adaptable to any specific requirement with programmable regulation
  • Low power consumption. No air consumption in steady condition
  • Remote control through serial RS-232  
  • Matrix series EPR50 electronic regulator

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