New connection sizes compatible with ISO 16030, for CKD Rapiflow FSM3 series flowmeters

A new range of RAPIFLOW FSM3 series compact CKD flowmeters

With this flowmeter it is possible to measure up to 5 different types of gases: Air, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide and gas mixture in the ratio of 80% Ar: 20% CO2. Changing the measured medium (gas) is possible with the control button. Via IO-link, you can change the media dial by using the host driver.

Lower pressure loss

  • Lowering up to 50% due to the new flow profile design

High accuracy / fast response

  • repeatability +/- 1% range
  • Accuracy of display +/- 3% of range
  • Response 50ms

Flow measurement in both directions

  • contributes to reducing the working cycle time
  • the flow direction is detected automatically

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