ACE dampers for PET blow molding machines

PET industrial shock absorbers are high performance shock absorbers for PET blow molding machines. These shock absorbers consist of an aluminum outer body and a very robust pressure chamber.
They work simply and faster than other shock absorbers and are much more durable. The result is reduced downtime and increased production and output. They have many advantages, such as innovative aluminum exterior covers for better heat dissipation, improved high temperature seals, a diaphragm-type accumulator for shorter cycle times and a larger damping chamber that is filled with quality oil. 

All these elements contribute to a significant reduction in wear and a longer service life. These self-compensating and specialized shock absorbers are characterized by their compactness and clearly colored aluminum bodies in their PET bottle production area.


  • 2720 ​​million cycles
  • Corrosion protection
  • Increase in output and production volume
  • Fast payback
  • Optimization of PET blow molding machines

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