Membrane unit for nitrogen separation

The diaphragm liner inside the unit separates the nitrogen that is needed to protect the products from oxidation and in explosive environments. Either stand-alone units or multi-stage configurations with a capacity of 5 l / min to 535 l / min (max. 99.9% nitrogen) are available.

Easy separation

Simple separation of nitrogen gas without using a pressure vessel or large equipment. Generated nitrogen-enriched gas using a hollow fiber separation membrane that easily removes oxygen.

More compact and convenient through 3 reductions

Reduced piping: There is no need to install a separate nitrogen piping, as the separation unit can be installed near the nitrogen consumption.
Reduced processes / space: We design the optimal system according to the required N2 flow rate. It contributes to the reduction of procedures and space.

Low cost

The only maintenance costs required are electricity for the compressed air compressor.
Components can be replaced without dismantling the piping.

Easy maintenance

Spare parts can be replaced without removing the pipe.


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