CKD Filters FP * - for food production processes / antibacterial filters

Series SCF and SFS

Ideal for circuits where compressed air is directly blown into food and where sterile clean air is required.
The assembly may be expanded by a odor filter that contributes to a higher level of purity of the compressed air used and thus the safety of the technological process in terms of purity of the compressed air.


[Silver antimicrobial agent on nonwoven fabric]

The silver ions contained in the antibacterial filter adsorb and destroy the bacteria by inhibiting the action of bacterial enzymes.

[Hollow fiber membrane]

The fiber wall of the antibacterial filter has a myriad of special slit ultra-fine pores and filters bacteria when compressed air passes through these pores.

[Odor Removal Filter added]

By adding filamentary activated carbon, its large absorption area achieves high performance and long service life.


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