Schunk Universal Rotary Actuators - SRU series

Universal unit for swivelling movements up to 180°, especially suitable with large and heavy attachments, for use in both clean and dirty environments, wherever pneumatic swivelling is suitable.  

For deciding the layout or for checking calculations of rotary modules, we recommend that you use our SSE software, available on CD or from A checking calculation of the unit you have chosen is absolutely essential, as otherwise overloading may occur.  

Advantages and benefits

  • Clearly graded series with uniform torque growth series
  • Choice of 90° or 180° angle of traverse
  • Adjustable end positions
  • Choice of pneumatic or locked centre position
  • Fluid feed-through can be used for gases, fluids and vacuum
  • Electric rotary transmission lead through
  • Choice of electronic solenoid switches or inductive proximity switches
  • Replaceable, screw-in guide sleeves (bushes)
  • Downwards continuation of the 
  • Schunk series SRU rotary actuator (image 840x580px)

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