CKD pneumatic cylinder

Standard Model Series Rollers SCW * 2; according to ISO 15552 (eg ISO6431)

  • Type: Light profile cylinder with integrated T-groove according to ISO 15552
  • Piston: Rolled stainless steel
  • Tube: Aluminum profile, lightweight, hard anodized
  • Facing: Aluminum alloy, heads sprayed
  • Seals: NBR, polyurethane
  • Damping: Pneumatic, adjustable - standard
  • Diameter of cylinders [mm] 32, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100
  • Stroke [mm]: 10 - 2500 * (1)
  • Ambient temperature [ºC]: 0 - 80
  • Working pressure [bar]: Max. 10
  • Medium: Compressed air - filtered
  • Lubrication: Not required
  • Position sensors: Straight line fitting (recommended CSH)
  • Special Features: On Demand

CKD series cylinders SCW * 2 - Standardized pneumatic cylinders conforming to ISO15552

User-friendly design puts emphasis on security, simplified setup and advanced features required in modern machines and devices

The weight of the SCW2 series is reduced by 20% compared to the first generation of ISO cylinders

Compact position sensors can be installed directly into the grooves in the body of the model series SCWP2

The ISO series cylinders of the SCWT2 series have a pre-assembled sensor mounting system on the cylinder bolt using a compact bracket

Air connection and damping control are located on the same flange of the cylinder flange, for ease of installation and damping settings at end positions

For safety reasons, the end damping valve needle valve is completely embedded in the cylinder flange. The setting is done with a flat screwdriver.

End position sensors can be installed in grooves (SCWP2) or bolt holders (SCWT2) on all four sides of the cylinder body

  • bibus series bma group 840x580
  • BIBUS series BMA standard cylinder - left profile
  • BIBUS series BMA standard cylinder - right profile
  • BIBUS series BMA standard cylinder - vertical profile
  • BIBUS series BMA standard cylinder group

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