Ringfeder torque limiters

Locking Assemblies

These are the original and premium internal locking devices, fitting inside a component or hub. These units are most commonly used on applications in general engineering to transmit high torques and axial loads. Common types include 7012, 7013.0, 7013.1, 7014 and 7015. Most are available in metric series for shafts from 20 mm to 1000 mm dia. and inch sizes for shafts from 3/4” to 7.875” dia.

Locking Elements

Derived initially from the friction spring technology these tapered rings, type 8006, pair together to form a mechanical wedge between the shaft and component being mounted. Extremely flexible in design, they can be adapted to most applications in general engineering to transmit light to medium torques and axial loads. Available in shaft sizes from 6 mm to 1000 mm.

Stainless steel RfN series

Special solutions according to customers' wishes!

RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION GMBH extends its grip portfolios

The stainless steel series has been designed to be used in the toughest conditions.

RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION adds innovative connectivity to its existing portfolio. Their high corrosion resistance offers the ideal choice for use in humid and aggressive environments, such as in the food and pharmaceutical industry, in engineering or in laboratories. In addition, stainless steel products are extremely resistant to various detergents. The RfN series joints consist of high-strength rings and special screws that allow a significantly higher torque.

The range of hinges now includes four models that cover a wide range of possible applications. The sleek design perfectly adapts to "RfN 7012", which is used to transmit high torque and axial forces in confined spaces. Compensates for small tolerance deviations and minor installation errors. The model is available in sizes ranging from 19 x 47 millimeters to 150 x 200 millimeters. The maximum transmission torque is between 250 and 24,000 Nm depending on the size selected.

For medium torque, RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION developed the "RfN 7061" model - a self-acting two-component hitch. Due to the construction of the device, the axial displacement of the hub and shaft is reduced when assembled. However, a reduced number of screws saves costs and assembly time, while dismantling is quick even thanks to several release screws. The hinged joint "RfN 7110" is free of axial displacement and is also characterized by an extremely compact design.

The new line of "RfN 4061" transmissions transmit torques from 30 to 100,000 Nm depending on the dimensions. By changing the tightening torque, the coupling of the shaft with the hub can be adapted to the individual requirements of the relevant design specifications. Thanks to the split inner ring, the hub and shaft have relatively low forces and pressures.

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