TB Wood-Dura-Flex couplings

DURA-FLEX couplings are maintenance free, lubricating, torsionally flexible, long-life couplings. These clutches use a lightweight element that absorbs impact loads and torsional vibrations.Perfect for a wide range of applications - including those that have the same heavy impact load.

High transfer torque and large burst drilling allow you to select a smaller coupling in order to mix other couplings. The flexible member can be easily and quickly replaced without moving the drive. Very fast visual inspection.

Product features:

  • Up to 4.50 kNm; 39,500 in.lb.
  • Simple assembly / replacement
  • High ratings of non-compliance
  • No maintenance / deletion
  • Part part is interchangeable with industry standard design
  • The versatile stack design of the stack can contain a number of configurations with several parts
  • Simple installation of two-piece elements.
  • One span size to handle most differences between shaft distances.
  • The lightweight element absorbs impact loads and torsional vibrations.
  • The same hubs used on both spanner and standard elements.
  • Good chemical resistance

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