Complete drive / torque transmission solutions

The company BIBUS SK, s.r.o. is constantly trying to move forward and offer the customer the most comprehensive solutions possible.
We can offer a complete solution of torque transmission to the driven parts of the working machine based on the customer's request.
Thanks to a wide range in the engineering industry and good relations with suppliers, we can provide complete turnkey solutions such as the delivery of a complete drive, e.g. : engine + clutch / brake + gearbox + clutch
Of course also with the given accessories such as:

  • frequency converters
  • spec. gearbox cooling at the customer's request or on our recommendation
  • spec. engine cooling at the customer's request or on our recommendation
  • installation of a cardan shaft in case of the need to transmit torque over a longer distance
  • design of a suitable clutch to protect the driving or driven parts of the machine.
  • design of a suitable clutch for perfect torque transmission and vibration damping
  • safety clutch design
  • identification of the service brake or parking brake if necessary to maintain operational safety
  • design of the installation / frame to maintain the required axial height
  • and others.

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