STROMAG Electromagnetic wheel brakes WBES

WBES wheel brakes from STROMAG are parking and safety brakes that can be used as dynamic brakes in an emergency, but are primarily designed as parking brakes to be used when the equipment comes to a complete stop.
WBES brakes are applied by force generated by springs on both sides of the crane wheels. Oversized brake shoes with bonded friction material applied to the side flanges of the idler wheels to provide frictional forces and thus sufficient braking capacity.

By applying spring force directly to the wheel surrounds, they minimize the stress and strain otherwise experienced by sleeper beams and crane load assemblies.

Product features:

  • Spring set - patented fully electric release
  • No hydraulic components, so no environmental or fire liability
  • Highly efficient actuator for spring brake devices uses an electromechanical release and hold system
  • Controller holding brake in a sealed housing and with low power consumption, keeps the brake pads of the wheels released until the power is turned off or lost
  • The setting time can be adjusted with a mechanical regulator with a setting delay from 3 to 30 seconds

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