Handling Components

A complete range

The Thomson Tollo range of material handling units are designed for manual, motorised and automated equipment, in one or multiple axes, for all kinds of industrial handling applications. The range consists of:

  • Movorail, an “easy to move” overhead rail system available in a number of sizes.
  • Tollobelt, a belt driven high speed linear drive unit for overhead installation with strokes up to 20 meters.
  • MovoZ, a series of telescopic space saving linear drive units for lifting applications.
  • Movolift, a lifting unit based on MovoZ Z3 fitted with mounting frame, gearbox and motor which can be directly suspended to a Movorail or Tollobelt system.

Flexibility and versatility

The whole range of units are based on extruded anodised aluminium profiles making them light, easy to install and resistant against corrosion and many chemicals. All units are modular in concept and come with a broad range of accessories so that they can easily be combined into an almost infinite number of combinations. This makes it easy to design a solution for most tasks in the field of material handling as well as to re-configure an existing system so that it can be re-used in a new configuration.


Below is a small selection of all the areas where Thomson Tollo handling equipment can be useful:

  • In workshop crane systems for lifting and moving objects up to 600 kg.
  • In the automotive industry for the handling and the mounting of doors, hoods, wind shields, roofs, seats, dashboards, motors, wheels, etc.
  • In the wood industry for the handling and mounting of boards, plates, doors, windows, etc.
  • In the moving and handling of sheet metal, bricks, bags, pallets, boxes, barrels etc.
  • At workstations for the suspension of electrical and pneumatic tools.
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