Linear Units with Belt Drive and Wheel Guide

SpeedLine, ForceLine

Typical Applications

Typical applications are where low to medium loads need to be moved at high speed and acceleration. Typical examples are in packaging, cutting, pick and place and materials handling applications where the cycle times are critical.


  • Can be installed in all directions
  • Speed up to 11 m/s
  • Acceleration up to 40 m/s2
  • Stroke up to 11 m

Technical Presentation

Belt tensioning
The belt can easily be replaced or re-tensioned from the outside of the unit without the load being removed from the carriage.

Belt drive
The steel reinforced belt is wear resistant, highly efficient and very accurate even at high speeds and loads.

Wheel guides
The H-type arrangement of the guides allows for quick movement and high forces and torque.

Central lubrication
The guides are lubricated from a central point that is easy and fast to access.

  • beltunits wheelguided 840x580

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