Positioning systems from ROLLCO

Machines and factories require a minimum of setup time, so automation of relocation can be recommended. Manufacturers require a high degree of flexibility in adapting the production line to different products. When the machine is redesigned, many objects are placed on the adjustment axes, such as guides, rails, labels, cameras of the camera system, etc. Our positioning systems adjust these axes to a new position immediately as needed - efficiently and accurately.

Cost savings

Thanks to the automatic transition, you benefit from significant time savings with fast format changes and reduced downtime. Installation and commissioning are simple and fast.

Increased quality

The defined position is always set in the same way. If there are accidental position changes, the position correction immediately returns to the desired position. Thanks to their self-analysis and early warnings, positioning systems provide predictive maintenance support to improve machine availability.


The comprehensive modular system allows both bus communication and IP protection class to be adapted to suit specific requirements without changing the dimensions of the device. The compact envelope is ideal for the slim design of the machine and does not interfere with other components. 

PSD series, one of four alternatives

With direct PSD drives, you can change your device to a new format in a very short time. Benefit from time savings, improved quality and custom monitoring that accurately detects unwanted position changes.
PSD direct drives are mechatronic systems with integrated control, bus interface and absolute measuring system without battery. They are ideal for automatic format change
The stepper motor with integrated control and bus communication enables higher speeds at lower torques. PSD direct drives offer a very compact design and easy connection, as they eliminate the need for an external controller - a cost-effective solution for format change.

PSE / PSS / PSW series

The PSE / PSS / PSW series combine precise positioning with a compact design. All three series are interchangeable in terms of connection dimensions and are available with a wide range of different bus systems.
All functions are integrated into a very compact format. The systems work without additional bus distributors, which saves you space and money.
BUS-controlled positioning systems for setting settings will streamline your production processes with faster adjustment, fewer downtimes and lower machine rejection rates


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