Autorotor rotary tables driven by TE16 servomotor

Same mechanism, same reliability, same accuracy as mechanical rotary tables 5.
It is programmable using a PC, PLC or dedicated panel.
It is possible to set the angle of rotation, the speed of rotation and the acceleration ramp.
The servomotor that moves the table is driven by a digital gear with an integrated axis card.
The TE rotary table can work as in a larger system (in this case the electronics brand will be the same as in the system), but also autonomously in medium-sized very flexible structures.




  • Radius R: 50 mm
  • Repeatability error: ± 0.015 mm

Static load:

  • Axial load: 1100 daN
  • Radial load: 1100 daN

Autorotor rotary indexing tables

Rotary indexing tables series 5 are mechanical square axis devices which transform the uniform rotation of inlet shaft in an intermittent rotation of output disk.

In comparison with their performance, they have reduced weight and dimension, besides a number of standard indexes ranging from 2 up to 32 which, on request, can be raised up to 540.
These commonly used tables are characterized by high speed, continuous and totally controlled displacement, smooth running also at high frequency, self-locking in dwell position, high repeatability, absence of vibrations, low maintenance and low installed power.

  • Autorotor rotary index table series T
  • Autorotor rotary index table series T crosssection

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