Pneumatic knife shaft

Due to the continuous expansion of the expansion rails, the knife shafts of the 405 L model series are suitable for use with the widest as well as with the narrowest disc knives or knife bushes for longitudinal cutting of material. The blade shaft transmits very high torque with extremely high positioning accuracy. This economical and flexible shaft has an expansion system that is easily accessible from the outside and is available in almost all sizes. The carrier body is made of hard chrome-plated steel with a ground surface that meets the highest requirements for quality and rotation without throwing. Shaft journals are made of steel and can be manufactured according to customer specifications.


  • Central clamping with precise guidance
  • Highest true operating accuracy
  • Hard chrome plating and surface grinding
  • Quick and accurate locking of knife cases
  • Easy maintenance
  • Suitable for manual or automatic operation
  • Almost any shaft diameter can be supplied

Pneumatic friction shaft

The Vorwald friction shafts of the 404 model series are recommended for winding processes with longitudinal strip cutting, narrow and overload sensitive products. Friction shafts allow the exact fulfillment of the specified traction force.


  • Short setting times when changing the sleeve
  • Easy maintenance
  • Friction (friction) rings available in various designs
  • A number of different winding widths can be wound on the same shaft
  • Shaft body is chrome-plated and ground
  • Does not generate dust due to friction
  • Suitable for a very wide range of material widths
  • The selection of cavities can be automated
  • friction knife shafts 840x580

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