Rubber mats

Rubber mats are a great tool for securing and covering flat surfaces. Different thickness, surface finish and properties allow the mat to be customized to the customer's individual requirements. The mats distinguish the mats: vibroinsulating, electrostatic, non-slip, grooved, doormats and rubber walkways.

Sound insulating mats

The field of application may typically be the soundproofing of the engine compartment, wind turbine housing, compressors and other noisy machines where ambient noise needs to be attenuated.

Mats made in China

These are excellent alternatives to European mats at very reasonable prices.

Mats made in EU

BIBUS SINDBY has mats that absorb vibrations from machines and mats to protect against static electricity.

Mats made of rubber

Some examples of applications where Sindby rubber mats are used: As a non-slip surface to improve ergonomics while standing and to catch dirt and shoe residue, flooring in buses, trailers, vans, etc.

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