Linear Bearings

Thomson offers an extensive family of linear bearings. Super smart ball bushing bearings are available in imperial and metric sizes. Thomson uses the latest technology - universally self-aligning bearings. These bearings are offered in a Dual Track Design and offer load capacities up to 7,760 lbf (30,000N). The Super Smart Ball Bushing Bearings are available in sizes .5 in to 1.5 in, 8 mm to 40mm. Super ball bushing pillow blocks are available in closed, adjustable and open styles in both single and twin versions. These are the original self aligning precision antifriction linear bearing with load capacities up to 4,000 lbf, and speed up to 10 ft/sec (3 m/s). Thomson offers the largest selection of sizes. ‘A’ Bearings are the original precision anti-friction linear bearing all steel construction with load capacities up to 5,000 lbf and high operating temperature capabilities. Thomson die set ball bushing bearings offer high operating temperature capabilities, all steel construction and load capacities up to 1100 lbf. Roundway bearings are capable of load capacities up to 24,000 lbf, with travel speeds up to 100 ft/sec. These bearings offer high performance in high contamination environments. FluoroNyliner ball bushing bearings are recommended for wash-down and contaminated environments. These bearings and pillow blocks offer load capacities up to 14,000 lbf.

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