Heavy industrial ACE shock absorbers

ACE's heavy industrial dampers complete the company's offer in the field of damping technology. In this category, ACE designers have a choice between self-compensating and adjustable machine elements.

CA2 to CA4
Self-compensating, Energy absorption 3,600 Nm / stroke up to 126,500 Nm / stroke, Stroke 50 mm to 406 mm

A1½ to A3
Adjustable, Energy absorption 2,350 Nm / stroke up to 44,000 Nm / stroke, Stroke 50 mm to 305 mm

In order for the adjustable ACE shock absorber to work properly, we pay attention to a simple video on how to set it up. Here's how to set the ACE shock absorber correctly.

What data do you need to size a shock absorber?


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