Danfoss introduced an axial piston hydrogenerator K2

The latest offer in the Series 45 - K2 series is a smaller one, particularly suitable for off-road applications.

Danfoss Power Solutions has upgraded the Series 45 series of hydrogenerators by adding a series of axial piston hydrogenerators to the open circuit K2. A smaller range of K2 with a range of geometric volumes of 25 to 45 cm3 has a smaller length of 20%, a width of 10%, and a weight of nearly 30%. It offers a lesser solution to the customer, while providing maximum efficiency and productivity.

"When designing the K2 axial piston engine, we focused on optimizing dimensions and increasing operating parameters to meet the expectations of our customers," says Jeff Brenner, Director of Medium Power Open Circuit Sales from Danfoss Power Solutions. "With K2, we are able to offer the best combination of installation dimensions and weight in the market, thus offering our customers additional freedom in the design and manufacture of their machinery and equipment."

Modular construction K2 allows for better flexibility in machine installation and also allows the hydrogenerator to be easily placed in the hydraulic system of the machine. K2 Hydrogen Generators offer a large number of geometric volumes, different control modes and various design configurations to be suitable for off-road applications, agricultural machinery, construction, road construction, material handling, forestry and lawn care.

Features and benefits of K2

Overview of K2 features and benefits includes:

Smaller weight and dimensions:

By reducing installation dimensions and reducing weight by almost 30% and by improving operating parameters of K2 hydrogenerators - by increasing operating pressure, increasing operating speeds and thermal properties, the user is offered a better and more reliable machine.

A quieter hydrogenerator

Further improvements to the K2 hydro-generator body have led to a reduction in noise and vibration spreading. This has resulted in improved machine operator comfort and has also made it possible to fill local noise limits.

Higher efficiency with Fan Drive Control (FDC) - fan drive system

K2 Hydrogenator with FDC control allows maximum pressure reduction in the hydraulic system. This results in less freewheeling of the fan propeller, which reduces overall drive noise and increases the overall cooling efficiency. Increased efficiency means lower operating costs for the machine user.

Modular rear-wheel construction

The new rear K2 hydro generator is designed to minimize dimensions and weight so as to offer maximum flexibility in installing the machine into the machine.

"The ability to integrate the entire portfolio of PVG and PLUS + 1® Series 45 Hydropower Portfolios offers customers an infinite number of management combinations and offers OEM the ability to define them to meet specific requirements," added Brenner.

K2 axial piston hydrogenerators, along with other products, are supported by Danfoss application and system experts around the world.


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