Compact Drive

  • Low pressure hydraulic motors and gearbox management
  • High-pressure hydraulic motor and gearbox management
  • Compact solution with hydro transmission in one housing
  • 45 ° inclined hydraulic motor speed technology has a wide range of smooth transfers
  • The entire speed range without interrupting the tractive force
  • Axial piston motor designed with a block for open and closed circuit
  • Optimised efficiency
  • Low noise
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • High performance in small sizes
  • High mudularita (motor / gearbox)
  • Shut-off wheel drive
  • In-speed gearbox spree for peace or under load
  • The 100% compatibility to the travel electronics Sauer Bibus

CompactDrive in the Fendt telescopic handler

Fendt - the world's leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery has introduced the Fendt Cargo T955 telescopic handler. The Fendt Cargo T955 uses a continuously actuated axial piston hydrogenerator in conjunction with the SAUER BIBUS CompactDrive hydrostatic gearbox and control electronics.
CompactDrive is a combination of a control axial piston hydraulic motor with a geometric volume of 300 cm3 with a mechanical gearbox. Depending on the position of the accelerator pedal, the speed of the internal combustion engine, the selected driving mode, the control electronics sets the operating parameters of the continuous drive - to generate high speed (for road transport) or high torque (driving on a slope).

Advantages of smooth drive:

  • Possibility of driving speed from zero to maximum speed without the need to stop or shift
  • high power with high traction
  • optimized working hydraulics
  • low fuel consumption
  • integrated safety functions

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