Mahle Filter Elements

Filter elements for liquid filters Degree of filtration 2 µm up to 500 µm: Nominal size 5 up to 1800 Differential pressure resistant up to 210 bar (3045 psi)

  • PS: new MAHLE Premium Select high performance disposal filter elements with innovativ design for hydraulic oils and lubricants, fuels, aqueous media and synthetic media
  • Sm-N: disposal deep filtration elements with highest degree of filtration and dirt holding capacity
  • Sm-x: standard disposal glass fibre filter elements for various applications
  • Mic: inexpensive disposable filter elements
  • Drg: cleanable surface filter element, made of wire mesh
  • KS-Mic: high efficient disposable depth filter elements for cooling emulsions
  • WS-Mic WS-PS and WS-Sm-x: Filter elements with additional water absorption ability
  • Designed for MAHLE filter housings, as alternative elements in the dimensions of other manufacturers and according to a customised specification
  • Complete product range according DIN 24550
  • Beta rated elements according to ISO 16889 multi-pass test
  • Elements with high differential pressure stability and dirt holding capacity
  • Worldwide distribution
  • mahle filter element 200nz 840x580
  • mahle filter element 328nzc 840x580

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