EL8 – electronic control unit

EL8 is a multifunctional electronic control unit on a DIN rail for controlling proportional distributors with one or two coils in an open or closed control loop. Normally there is feedback from the position of the slider. The unit controls the position of the proportional valve slider based on the reference input signal, ensuring linear regulation with minimal hysteresis.

The front panel is equipped with LEDs for indicating the function of the card.

The EL8 electronics is designed for regulation with a maximum of two simultaneously input process signals.

The use of a functional interface allows changing parameters during operation, without interfering with the operation of the regulator or interrupting its function. The configuration program for the PC allows direct access to the setting of the electronic parameters as well as to the monitoring of the operation in real time.

Technical parameters

  • external electronics EL8 on a DIN rail is designed to control proportional distributors with one or two coils in an open or closed control loop with feedback from the slider position.
  • the electronics continuously control the position of the distributor slide proportional to the size of the input signal with minimal hysteresis
  • the output control current for the electromagnet coil is independent of temperature changes and load impedance changes
  • control of the coil by a PWM signal reduces the hysteresis of the distributor and optimizes the accuracy of reaching the slider position
  • the core of reliable and flexible electronics is a 32-bit processor with a large power reserve
  • electronics are resistant to transmission errors. An integrated error correction algorithm prevents signal distortion during data transmission or storage

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