PLUS+1® Mobile Machine Displays DP7XX Series

DANFOSS mobile displays are built on the Danfoss PLUS + 1® platform and are designed to provide a flexible, extendable, powerful and cost-effective solution for displaying machine system parameters.
DANFOSS DP7XX displays are designed to work in extreme operating and working conditions of mobile work machines. The latest display backlighting technology delivers exceptional levels of brightness and contrast, resulting in excellent display readability even in poor lighting conditions.
Customers can create their own program using the PLUS + 1® GUIDE software (Graphical User Integrated Development Environment) as well as the design of the display area with the GUIDE Vector Based (VBSE) editor, and a ready-to-use library of basic graphic elements.

Display options

The DANFOSS DP7XX offers three different equipment options to meet the needs of both the cab and the cab. The DP720 is available with a capacitive touch screen panel that resists mud, water and can also be used in gloves. The DP730 is equipped with a capacitive touch screen panel as standard.

Basic parameters:

  • 7 "TFT display with a high resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, 18-bit color
  • ideal for displaying handheld devices, diagnostic offers and other additional features
  • user-programmable through PLUS + 1® GUIDE software
  • two multifunctional inputs defined by the user as Digital IN / Analog IN / Freq IN / Rheo / 4-20 mA
  • integrated connectors and silicone buttons provide protection against water and dust from all sides
  • 14-key keyboard - 8 soft keys and 6 navigation buttons
  • buttons with white light for working in low light or for night use
  • the protective glass provides excellent anti-reflective properties and contrast under all lighting conditions
  • two mounting options:
    • mounting in dashboard
    • mounting on a separate VESA bracket: 75 mm x 75 mm
  • the possibility of mounting in height or width
  • software configurable LED light strip
  • USB port for fast downloading of the program as well as data recording
  • integrated light sensor for automatic backlight setting
  • LCD brightness 400-550 cd / m2
  • digital output for external alarm
  • CE compatibility
  • real-time clock

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