Action for a new oil separator from air ZERO

Innovative separator of oil particles from air

  • Zero oil leakage
  • Zero production errors
  • Zero leaks
  • More than 1 million endurance cycles
  • Reinforced threaded plate
  • Designed to work in the most demanding conditions
  • Longest separator life on the market, greatest durability

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Air filtration

The filtration area is hardly something more important than the air filtration. Therefore we offer a complete range of products for this part of the filtration. Our instruments and apparatus for filtering air and gases increase productivity and safety in the workplace, allow the reuse of the filtered product and not least bring environmental protection.

Air filter cartridges

Air filter cartridges for removing dust from air and gases are used in almost all industries. So we offer a full range of products in all shapes and material designs. The exceptions are neither air filter cartridges for explosive environments.


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