DAXTRO EMTAP - clean water, healthy life

The enemy in your water pipe

Settlements and residues in our water pipes such as rust, lime and algae cause unclean water. This reduces the life of your appliances and can be harmful to your health.

Our solution

The DAXTRO EMTAP - system sends defined frequency packets into the water pipe. The effect unfolds in the entire pipe system and offers reliable and environmentally friendly protection, without chemicals, without filters and without salts.


The system is installed directly on the water pipe without any structural changes, only a socket near the unit is required. Our systems require no maintenance and the operating costs are insignificant.


The right system for every application

Home line

Basic version suitable for:

  • Motorhomes, ships and aircraft
  • Appartements
  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • Industrial Applications

Professional Line

Powerful version for:

  • Beauty, Wellness, Spa
  • Hotels
  • Homes for the elderly, hospitals
  • School buildings and swimming pools
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