Side channel Blowers

All Esam units are manufactured in die-cast aluminium alloy, which ensures a consistent high quality and productivity. Production costs are minimised due to modular construction. Standard models are directly coupled to electric motors which are of our manufacture. Standard motors are two pole, totally enclosed air cooled, continuous duty rated, IP54 protected, insulation class F, and meet the CEI 2/3 1988 specification.

When the impeller rotates, the air between the blades is radially and circumferentially accelerated and forced into the side channel where it is compressed and forced backwards towards the impeller blades where it is again radially and circumferentially accelerated. The air is transported along a spiral path through the impeller and the side channel until it reaches the discharge port.
The unit has only one moving part; a carefully balanced rotating impeller.
There is no contact between the impeller and the housing thus eliminating abrasion and wear. The unit is completely oil free and the suction and discharge ports have built in silencers that reduce noise levels to a minimum.  

  • Esam side channel blowers
  • Esam side channel blowers

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